Bitcoin Fortune Builder Newsletter – 2017.09.20

Hello again,

Chinese Virtual Currency Ban

bitcoinfortunebuilder-com-houseownbtcsymbolnewcolour-100x100Since the big hoo-hah last week, the BTC-USD market has taken the hit and recovered to something around $4000. This is almost a complete recovery to the sell-off after the peak of a little over $4900 on 2 September. It now seems that all forms of trading in BTC along with all other virtual coins soon will be banned in China. The Chinese appear to be attempting to stop all trading they cannot control, even peer-to-peer and OTC exchanges. They also appear to be attempting to stop Chinese trading outside the country, so that should make it a total blockage on virtual currencies within China as well as into and out of the country.

As we expected last week, the crackdown did not have a lasting effect on the BTC-USD market. I suspect that the bulk of the large chinese BTC traders managed to get their control outside the country (if it was not already there) before the authorities could block their activities. The rest of the small dealers in China may have taken it on the chin, but the market does not make any allowance for that and the authorities don’t care.

Hard Fork Next Version

Now, there is another hoo-hah brewing about yet another hard fork that should occur in November. This will be to try to separate Segwit2x from BTC. I see this as a probable repetition of what happened in August. In essence, another attempt by outsiders to get something for nothing. I expect that the market reaction will be about the same. There is a lot of inertia in the market there that will keep the market stable over such attempted disturbances. The longer the BTC market remains active and the amount of BTC in trade continues to grow, the more difficult it will be for someone to disturb the market. There are many holders out there who do not want to rock the boat, and more importantly, endanger their USD profits.

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Bitcoin Fortune Builder Newsletter – 2017.09.14

Hello again,

Well, there is a big panic about the Chinese stopping trading in new coin releases that has spilled over into the Bitcoin market. At this point, the BTC-USD market has fallen almost 13% since it hit the all-time high of over $4900 on September 2 – so less than two weeks ago.

I am not surprised about this – the Chinese are looking for ways to make money any way possible, and taking control of the Bitcoin market – assuming they are able to – is one way to do this. The other side of the coin is that the market rose about 150% (based on the starting point of about $1900 in mid-July this year) in roughly six weeks prior to the peak.

I feel certain that there will be some more downward pressure on the exchange rate, but I also think that there will be a strengthening upward force for a number of reasons:

  • The Chinese do not control the BTC market. They might be able to so if they coordinated their operations, but I do not think they are capable of that, there are too many independent investors involved.
  • The Chinese individuals who are in the BTC market will move their holdings outside China and continue their trading.
  • There is a large number of people who who will continue to invest in BTC in spite of what the Chinese want us to do.
  • The pressure that the Chinese are putting on the smaller alternative coins will tend to drive people to the “safer” BTC market.
  • The pressure that the Chinese are putting on new coin ICOs will also work to BTC’s advantage.
  • I think that part of the logic behind the Chinese move is that their cost of electricity is increasing as their cost of imported fuels increase, and this tends to put them at a cost disadvantage against other competitors.
  • And last, but not least, the Chinese will try to push their own coming coins at the expense of other coins, most particularly Bitcoin.

So, what do YOU think? Please comment below!

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Bitcoin Fortune Builder Newsletter – 2017.09.11

Hi again,

Things have been quiet on the BTC-front the past three weeks or so, and on the average, slightly negative. On the other hand, the price today (a little over $4200 as I am writing this) is still above the $4000 level we were excited about just three weeks ago (mid-August). As I wrote in Iliana’s Casa earlier today, “patience, my dear, really is a virtue!” Why is that? Well, think about how your holdings here in your Bitcoin Fortune Builder Fund are growing. That is a much better situation than if you just sat on your hands (or your USD) and did nothing for three weeks! Now, when the BTC-USD rate increases again, you will have more BTC to grow.


One question about the exchange rate – why is it down or just wobbling where it is? My guess is that the hurricanes in Texas (“Harvey”) and the Caribbean and Florida (“Irma”), and to a lesser extent Mexico (“Katia”) and the southern Mexican earthquake in Oaxaca are mostly responsible for that. People who own property in these areas probably have been converting their BTC to USD or Pesos to be able to get out of Florida the past few days for their personal safety, and also to be sure that they have cash to buy supplies to repair their property after the worst is finished. Don’t doubt it, there is still a lot of damage left in Houston as well as a lot of new damage happening today and later this week in Florida and the southeast US.

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Bitcoin Fortune Builder Newsletter – 2017.09.3

Hello again!

I wanted to wait to see what happened with the BTC-USD exchange rate before I wrote this. The trend seems to be holding now – what trend? “Up $500 and take profits.” That trend. Now that I wrote that here, the next cycle will be totally different – Murphy strikes again!

Anyway, Bitcoin flirted with the $5000 mark last week (Sept 2) but didn’t quite get there, although there were some $5000 trades on Asian exchanges. But if the current trends repeat themselves, we could be at $7500 or maybe even $8000 by the end of the year.

Are you prepared for that?

What is your end-game?

bitcoin-fortune-builder-icon-houseown-btc-symbol-100x100I have mine, and I will achieve that with what we are calling the Bitcoin Fortune Builder Programme (short form, the BFB Programme). I want to encourage you to go to and take a look at our present program’s beta version. Why a beta version? It’s simple, really: we will be doing this all by hand to start with, so we have limited the beta version to 20 accounts (one account per person and IP address – in any case, there is no reason to have multiple accounts) – when they are taken, that’s it until we open up the full programme.

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Bitcoin Fortune Builder Newsletter – 2017.08.25

Hi folks

Well, my publication schedule timing got off to a bad start – it’s already Friday midday (Swiss time). But there was a reason.

Bitcoin Fortune Builder Plans

bitcoin-fortune-builder-icon-houseown-btc-symbol-100x100I spent most of my time the past two days publishing the Bitcoin Fortune Builder plans in our sister publication, A good description of the plans available to consumers is contained there. If you are interested, please take a look. I will most likely publish the plans here in in the coming week, unless we find something major that needs to be changed or elaborated upon. The objectives of the two plans available are to give a better return than a standard practice of pumping in X dollars every month and watching it grow. That’s not bad, but our plans are better. One of the plans is a passive do-it-yourself program (takes about 5 minutes per day) and the other is a super-passive done-for-you program that only takes about 5 minutes per month. Take a read at and you can sign up from there (actually from here) if you are interested.

One note about the plans as they stand now: these are Beta versions of the two plans, and that in essence means that we are doing the operations on our end by hand. For that reason, we have limited the program to a total of 20 accounts until we get out of the Beta phase. In short, that means get in quick if you want to get in now. The acceptance will be first-come first-served.

Bitcoin Performance

As far as the BTC-USD market is concerned, it went through a profit-taking slowdown through about mid-week, but now has started to increase again. The rate is back up to about $4370 at noon GMT today (Friday, 25 August). That’s an increase of about 1.4% over yesterday (see the graph at the top of the website for more information).

Come back next Wednesday, I hope to be back on schedule by then.


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Bitcoin Fortune Builder Newsletter – 2017.08.16

Hi there folks,

I guess you also have been watching the market to see what happens to the Bitcoin-USD rate. Let’s just review what has happened the past two days so that we are all on the same basis:

  1. After the record peak early on the 15th (time is Zulu or UTC or Greenwich Mean Time) at 4400 plus a little bit, the profit takers started again, but not strongly.
  2. The price wandered around between 4000 and 4150 for most of the time after the sell-off bottomed out just below 3900 about an hour after noon.
  3. At about 3pm today (the 16th) it shot up to about 4250-4350 where it has remained up to this writing (9pm or 21:00 if you prefer) with very small movements up and down. Is a new record in the offing?

The question, as always, is “what’s going to happen now?” I wish I could tell you, but anything I say would be a guess, and maybe not even an educated guess.

bitcoin-fortune-builder-icon-houseown-btc-symbol-100x100What I can tell you, and this is nothing new if you have been reading up on Bitcoin, is that I think the chances are good that the exchange rate (or purchase price if you prefer) will continue to rise in a reasonable but irrational fashion for the coming 2-5 years AT LEAST.

My advice is to put as much money into Bitcoin as you can afford, without having to call that money back out in case of some emergency. The reason for the caution is that it is always possible that something like the Hard Fork just now or the legal problems back in the 2014-2015 span can occur. If you absolutely have to convert your BTC back to hard currency, Murphy says it will be at the worst possible time. [ You know my friend Murphy don’t you? He is the guy who made the law (Murphy’s law) that says “If anything can go wrong, it will.” And don’t forget the corollary: “If something can’t go wrong, it will anyway.” My interpretations – a good reference for Murphy is – if the link works! ]

One of the things I want to caution you about is the following. I strongly believe you cannot apply typical technical indicators to Bitcoin, because the workings are not in a free market where the production volume is not constrained, etc., because that is NOT true. Furthermore, the only way you can find an acceptable technical prediction model is with experience, and there is too little experience available in Bitcoin to validate any prediction model.

On that happy note, I will leave you for today. Assuming no upsets, I will try to publish this Newsletter on a weekly basis, generally on late Wednesday evening, European time. Set your calendar, maybe you will get some interesting news here first?

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Bitcoin Fortune Builder Newsletter – 2017.08.14

Hello folks and Hello $4000!

bitcoin-fortune-builder-icon-houseown-btc-symbol-100x100The intro says it all – Bitcoin reached and broke through the $4000-mark this weekend, and is still hanging in there. The run-up appears to have taken a little breather this morning (Monday 13 August, Central European Summer Time), and this appears to be becoming a habit in the BTC-USD market. Make a big run-up, then catch your breath. The peak Sunday was about 4190-4200 according to the three top USD-BTC traders (GDAX, BitStamp, and Kraken USD), and as of this writing dropped to about $4060, but is moving back toward 4200.

Will it take off again? If I knew the answer to that, I would be trading, not writing! However, I have the impression that there is at least one more surge in the works before someone starts taking serious profits out of the market. That is short term. Medium term, I anticipate further run-ups if this nature, rather than a smooth glide upwards. In any case, I do anticipate further increases over the medium term, and for that reason, my indication is to continue to buy if you are able.

Here’s my chart that goes about 13 months back, to July 2016. If you look at the chart, that is a remarkable run – about 620% in 13-1/2 months, especially when you consider that there was essentially a 3 month pause during the hard fork incident. My prices (the ones used in this and other charts) are not spot prices, they are the consistent fixing prices published by Oanda on a daily basis That way, if I sleep late one day and wake up early on another, it doesn’t change what is reported here.


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Bitcoin Fortune Builder Newsletter – 2017.08.09

Hi there and happy Wednesday.

There was what looks like a little profit taking late yesterday and early today, but the recovery appears to have started again late today. The price at this writing (just about 22:00 GMT 09.08.2017) was about $3333/BTC (I like the regular number, but down about 100 from Oanda posting today for yesterday). As a point of interest, BTC came very close to $3500 at about midday on 08.08. – maybe someone had a sell order for just below $3500? Anyway, I’m not a Foreign Exchange analyst, I just want BTC to continue to climb over time, and I am pretty sure it will.


Why do I want BTC to continue to climb? Well, it’s a financial thing for me. I am investing (at low levels) in a programmed system to prove the point for future investors. Up and down markets both are particularly interesting for me, so that I can see what happens over time with a flexible market. The nuts and bolts of this program will be available soon (next month, probably) to anyone who is interested enough to cough up BTC 0.01 one time to find out how to handle the trading. This will be a passive money-making system, in some ways like the RevShare programs. You will need to sign in daily to keep things moving for you. But don’t be fooled – THIS IS NO REVSHARE!
Actually, I guess we could call this “semi-passive” – you will need to spend about 5-15 minutes per day to keep things on track. Later on (and this is not much later, maybe at the same time as the initial introduction) we will have the “super-passive” version: about 5-15 minutes PER MONTH! Is that passive enough for you?

And if you think I am jazzing you, read this: I am spending about 1 hour per day doing two different programs and keeping records and looking for problems and looking for ways to make things work better and be more profitable. Also, at this point, everything is manual, there is no automated stuff involved so far. When we get to automation, it will be almost set it and forget it! Except you will not want to forget it! 😀

Keep tuned in and tell your friends. They might want to make some money also.

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One Week Later

bitcoin-fortune-builder-icon-houseown-btc-symbol-100x100After all the flurry of worries and concerns and suppositions about what would happen with the Hard Fork, it appears that things are returning to normal, or at least what passes for “normal”, in the Bitcoin market. Among other things, the market broke through the record $3000 mark.

Actually, I have the impression that the market is starting to unleash a month’s worth of pent-up buying pressure (frustration?) caused by the indecision coming from the Hard Fork concerns. Evidence: the BTC-USD rate has pushed through the 3000 mark and continues to increase from there (see chart below).

Again, please remember that the chart uses OANDA reported information that is one day delayed. The last day’s data here is for 7 August 2017 according to OANDA’s reporting ($3229), but is actually for consensus values of 6 August 2017. At the time of writing this report (approximately 11:30 GMT on 07 Aug 2017), the current exchange rate reported by CoinDesk ( is about $3264. OANDA does not report current prices for Bitcoin.


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1 August Has Come and Gone

bitcoin-fortune-builder-icon-houseown-btc-symbol-100x100Yeah, and the reaction in the market appears to be “so what?”

There were certainly no abrupt movements in the exchange rates and Bitcoin market placement increased to over 50% for the first time in about 6 months. If you look at the BTC/USD exchange and compare it to the EUR/USD exchange rate, the biggest “news” is that the dollar continues the 10-day weakening trend.

There can still be some movements as the “Fork People” make some maneuvers, but there is certainly no excitement in the market in general.

Our recommendation is that you buy or continue to buy BTC on a regular basis. Why? We will explain that in the next few weeks and you can decide for yourself.

Stay tuned and we can ride the roller coaster together, and profitably.

Craig Hesser, for
Bitcoin Fortune Builder |

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