07. February 2018 11:13 GMT


Bitcoin And Most Crypto-Currencies Up

07. February 2018 11:13 GMT – Continuing a small movement in an active market yesterday, overnight the CC market in general gained a respectable amount but with almost no trading at all. This seems to indicate that the small traders are buying while major traders have been selling, but stopped for some reason overnight. This supports the findings from earlier, Sellers and Buyers Continue To Battle It Out, that the market improves during the morning GMT on very weak trading and then falls in the early evening to midnight on stronger trading.

In the past 24 hours, Bitcoin is up over 20% to $8’000+. Ethereum is up more than 30% and the other top-ten crypto-currencies are up 22% (Bitcoin Cash) to over 55% (NEO).

In other markets, the Dow Jones Industrials is up about $600 on strong volume and the USD is up somewhat against the Euro and the Swiss Franc (USD Index +0.2).

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