WoW!! Hello $10’000 !!


29.Nov.2017 03:10 GMT: Hello there – you can guess from the title that Bitcoin broke the $10’000 mark tonight. It was at 02:18 GMT. Time to break out the bubbly?

Actually, aside from that there is not much more to report – catch you later!

29.Nov.2017 14:23 GMT: Hello again! There seems to be a significant pent-up desire for BTC to advance strongly. A little before 14:00 BTC cracked the $11’000 mark on Bitfinex and toppped out at $11’415

29.Nov.2017 20:36 GMT: Profit-takers and others have driven the prce down below $10’000 and it appears to have bottomed out at roughly $9’000 (19:43 GMT). Since then, it has been working back up and is at about $150 below the $10’000 mark. It appears at the present that that, even with some hefty selling pressure, the currency will find its way back over $10’000 in the night.

We will see!

Bitcoin Pushes $10’000

bitcoinfortunebuilder-com-cryptogoldlogo-515x515-whbgIn the morning hours of today (28. Nov. 2017) Bitcoin has repeatedly pushed toward the $10’000 level in very thin trading. It would appear that the $10’000 mark will be achieved sometime during the day, but there may be significant profit-taking orders set that will prevent this from occurring.

At this writing (10:00 GMT) the price is hovering between $9’800 and $9’850 and is declining slowly with trading appearing to increase somewhat. In any case, my question last weekend about whether we will hit $10’000 before the end of the year (Bitcoin Fortune Builder 15. Nov. 2017) seems to already be decided.

BTC Tops $9740 ¦ Profit-Takers Take Over ¦ Drives Back $9750

bitcoinfortunebuilder-com-cryptogoldlogo-515x515-whbgThis has been an exciting weekend! As predicted yesterday Bitcoin Fortune Builder, early this morning (GMT) the Profit-Takers finally stepped in to harvest their profits with the Bitcoin exchange rate hitting as much as $9740 first. By about 10:00 GMT the price was down to the $9400 range but appeared to be stabilizing there. However, this does not preclude further profit-taking during the day. On the other hand, the driving force to push BTC back up still appears to be present.

11:00 GMT – a surprisingly strong effort has put BTC back up at $9750