Are You Trying To Make Money Online? Part 2

krypto-gold-ch-manual_logo_large-700x200Let me ask you a question… Are you starting from scratch?

So you have NO MONEY HONEY?? You are not alone! But there is a way to bootstrap yourself up from ZERO! I thought BitMiner was one place to start but it turns out to be a scam and I am afraid that is another one. ClixSense might work for you – they have been in business for a long time, but they dropped their PTC (paid to click) and I cannot make any money from the other things they offer but maybe you can make money there – I am sure there are many others, but by the time I work through all of them, you could already be scoring more money on something else, so let’s just leave this at “Unknown” for now.

SCAMS and How to Avoid Them

There are many websites on the Internet that are scams, my guess is 4 or 5 times the scams as for honest websites. The only reason the scams are there is to take your money! My suggestion is to use the search machines for the Internet (Bing, Google, Ask, etc. – which ever you trust the most) and search for the website like this “bitminer, scam?” Chances are, you will see a number of entries that mostly say SCAM. There are also so-called scam identification services but I think that some of these are also scams to channel you into a different scam website.

The main thing here is to be super suspicious – after all, that is YOUR money they will be stealing! Some of the scam sites even post false reviews of their scam sites saying that they are great sites and always pay out! If you have any suspicions, DON’T USE THAT SITE!

One other thing I should warn you about, so that your expectations do not exceed possibilities: “Unknown” sounds like good news, but unfortunately, their paying ethic could disappear tomorrow. These are usually free sites, but they will try to get you to upgrade to improve your returns. My advice: – DON’T FALL FOR THAT! If you have not paid anything in, all you can lose is your time. You need to save your earnings! Put all the money you can spare into Krypto-Gold Switzerland (see below) and get paid for your input!

Now you have earned some funds (USD or EUR or BTC) with “Unknown”, what do you want to do with all that moolah? I have a good idea for you: Krypto-Gold Switzerland (a member of is a combined sytem to mutiply your money, take advantage of the trading potential in various Alt-Coins (Bitcoin, Etherium, and others) and make money on their appreciation over time.

Now then, THIS is the way you will absolutely positively make money online. It takes an investment, but you can start small and build it up with the funds from “Unknown”. You can bootstrap this into a small fortune in relatively short time. I have discussed this in one (or more) of my posts in the past in so take a look there (coming soon).

Your first step away from pennies and into Bitcoin profits should be Krypto-Gold Switzerland. If you use “Unknown”, your funds may be in BTC and your transfer costs will be almost zero. If your earnings are in USD or if you think you need to do this with your credit card, the money transfer costs can eat up a larger part of your capital (as much as 8-10% with currency exchange) and there will probably be a 5-8 day delay before everything works on Payeer.

The original signup at Krypto-Gold Switzerland is free – there is no cost to sign up, but there will be costs to continue (and make money). The minimum cost will be $132 – this includes a one-time membership fee of $79 plus $3.00 fee for Payeer, and $50 investment that will be converted into Bitcoin in the system.

If you have a little pocket money, you can work with your cash and and the cash value you are building with your “Unknown” account to buy $50 (or larger) investments in your Krypto-Gold Switzerland account. Your returns from what you have invested will accumulate in your account. 50% of the profits will be used to keep the mining equipment up to date and the other 50% will be paid out to your account. Unfortunately, until you have invested $500 total in one account, you will not be able to withdraw your earnings from that account.

Even if you do not have any extra pocket money, you can use your “Unknown” system to build funds for your deposit. You will have to pay into Krypto-Gold at $50 per input. Once you have paid $500 into your investment account (that is nine additional payments at $50 equivalent), you should receive your accumulated 50% plus any bonus from your account.

The structure of the membership in Krypto-Gold is a 2 x 2 matrix. This, combined with the compensation regulations, means that the optimum situation for you is to have three memberships – the first one that you just paid off, and two more, each at a total of $582 ($79 membership and $500 investment plus costs). Now, you can use your funds being paid out of your account to accellerate the payment schedule. You can also use your “Unknown” system funds to push the payout. Each of these will also pay out as soon as you reach $500 investment.

From here, you can decide what your goal is:

  • maximum growth of your investment (then you put all the profits and bonuses back into more investment),
  • take the money and enjoy it,
  • make other investments with the funds from Krypto-Gold Switzerland,
  • or any combination of the three.

There are more fine points that we can discuss when you are in the system and enjoying its financial benefits.

BUT!! You have to sign up (still free!) and register your account name(s) – one for a single account, or three different ones for an optimal operation. To sign up, go to the website at or click on the banner below.

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