Some notes about the form:

  • Full Name: We need the same name that you used (or will use) for your Payza account.
  • Payza account email: If you do not have a Payza account, please do not open one yet, we will do that together with you (“get it right the first time!”). You will need a credit or debit card or a bank account number to open the Payza account.
  • Telephone: Format for the phone number is XXX YYY ZZZZZZZZZ where XXX is the country code (for example, 1 for USA-Canada, 41 for Switzerland, 357 for Cyprus) YYY is the area code within the country (as many digits as necessary), and ZZZ etc. is the local number (as many digits as necessary).
  • Input amount: This is so we have an idea of the size of your account. It does not need to be exact and it is not binding and the currency is not critical (USD, GBP, INR, whatever).
  • Goals: We would like to have a general idea of what your goal is in opening the BFB account. You can always change your goal in the future or ignore it.

After you fill out the form and submit it, it will be sent to us via the website.