Bitcoin Fortune Builder Newsletter – 2017.08.09

Hi there and happy Wednesday.

There was what looks like a little profit taking late yesterday and early today, but the recovery appears to have started again late today. The price at this writing (just about 22:00 GMT 09.08.2017) was about $3333/BTC (I like the regular number, but down about 100 from Oanda posting today for yesterday). As a point of interest, BTC came very close to $3500 at about midday on 08.08. – maybe someone had a sell order for just below $3500? Anyway, I’m not a Foreign Exchange analyst, I just want BTC to continue to climb over time, and I am pretty sure it will.


Why do I want BTC to continue to climb? Well, it’s a financial thing for me. I am investing (at low levels) in a programmed system to prove the point for future investors. Up and down markets both are particularly interesting for me, so that I can see what happens over time with a flexible market. The nuts and bolts of this program will be available soon (next month, probably) to anyone who is interested enough to cough up BTC 0.01 one time to find out how to handle the trading. This will be a passive money-making system, in some ways like the RevShare programs. You will need to sign in daily to keep things moving for you. But don’t be fooled – THIS IS NO REVSHARE!
Actually, I guess we could call this “semi-passive” – you will need to spend about 5-15 minutes per day to keep things on track. Later on (and this is not much later, maybe at the same time as the initial introduction) we will have the “super-passive” version: about 5-15 minutes PER MONTH! Is that passive enough for you?

And if you think I am jazzing you, read this: I am spending about 1 hour per day doing two different programs and keeping records and looking for problems and looking for ways to make things work better and be more profitable. Also, at this point, everything is manual, there is no automated stuff involved so far. When we get to automation, it will be almost set it and forget it! Except you will not want to forget it! 😀

Keep tuned in and tell your friends. They might want to make some money also.

One Week Later

bitcoin-fortune-builder-icon-houseown-btc-symbol-100x100After all the flurry of worries and concerns and suppositions about what would happen with the Hard Fork, it appears that things are returning to normal, or at least what passes for “normal”, in the Bitcoin market. Among other things, the market broke through the record $3000 mark.

Actually, I have the impression that the market is starting to unleash a month’s worth of pent-up buying pressure (frustration?) caused by the indecision coming from the Hard Fork concerns. Evidence: the BTC-USD rate has pushed through the 3000 mark and continues to increase from there (see chart below).

Again, please remember that the chart uses OANDA reported information that is one day delayed. The last day’s data here is for 7 August 2017 according to OANDA’s reporting ($3229), but is actually for consensus values of 6 August 2017. At the time of writing this report (approximately 11:30 GMT on 07 Aug 2017), the current exchange rate reported by CoinDesk ( is about $3264. OANDA does not report current prices for Bitcoin.


1 August Has Come and Gone

bitcoin-fortune-builder-icon-houseown-btc-symbol-100x100Yeah, and the reaction in the market appears to be “so what?”

There were certainly no abrupt movements in the exchange rates and Bitcoin market placement increased to over 50% for the first time in about 6 months. If you look at the BTC/USD exchange and compare it to the EUR/USD exchange rate, the biggest “news” is that the dollar continues the 10-day weakening trend.

There can still be some movements as the “Fork People” make some maneuvers, but there is certainly no excitement in the market in general.

Our recommendation is that you buy or continue to buy BTC on a regular basis. Why? We will explain that in the next few weeks and you can decide for yourself.

Stay tuned and we can ride the roller coaster together, and profitably.

Craig Hesser, for
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