06. January 2018 03:30 GMT+


Now This Is Something New!?

06. January 2018 03:30 GMT – Since the jump caused by the purchasing surge at about 08:30 GMT yesterday morning, the BTC market has risen more or less steadily from $15’800 where it started to about $16’800 at the present time. If you go back to before the sell-off that ended at the end of last year, that is roughly the rate the BTC-USD exchange was rising at, about $1’000 per day.

The $16’000 Question is, will it continue on or not? My prediction from before the EOY sell-off occurred was that the rate would drop – maybe as far down as to $10’500, and after the EOY would start to rise again at roughly the same rate as it had been before the sell-off started. It will be interesting to see what really happens now, but I personally don’t think there will be any large surprises – some bumps, undoubtedly, but no big swings either up (faster) or down (again).

First-Half Day

06. January 2018 13:22 GMT – Since the previous report, the rate has more-or-less steadied out at about $16’500. However, the typical thing to happen is that any changes will start just after I write this (Murphy’s Law in action!), so stay tuned!

Same Song, Second Verse

07. January 2018 01:05 GMT – Today seemed to be a repeat of yesterday to a certain extent. After moving along essentially unchanged all morning, and starting at a low point (about $16’300) at about 13:45 GMT, the BTC price moved up to about $17k over about 12 hours. The main difference from yesterday was that the trading today was very weak, with the exception of two relatively strong parcels – one sell, one buy – at about 21:00 GMT. These seemed to hved no major effect on the market’s movement. Will it continue? Only time will tell, but the futures are strong compared to the past few days – in theory that should be a positive sign.

07. January 2018 02:45 GMT – After peaking out at a little over $17k at about 17:00 GMT the trend stared the opposite direction and kept going up to this writing, when it is at about $16k. There are a few spikes here and there, but the market movement seems to be general, rather than initiated by any specific transactions. I guess we will see more in the morning!

My Advice

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Hello (Again) $17k

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12. December 2017 22:58 GMT – I guess the title says most of what there is to say for now. The BTC-USD rate has crept back up to over $17k pretty much consistently since yesterday afternoon. That’s the good news. The bad news is that there is almost no trafffic to prop it up there – one big sell order (or even one big buy order) and the whole thing will break loose again.

My read on this though is that the public in general is tired of all this mess and wants to see the BTC start to increase again. Not huge jumps at a time, just steady improvements day after day. Something that is predictable. What do you think?

How do we avoid these problems in the future? Maybe the futures trading will be a part of that, I’m not sure. But I am sure that more participation in stable, responsible operations like CryptoGold will be stabilising influences on the nmarket. They are also safe for you and me, the people who participate in them. So do yourself a favour and do the market a favour as well – join CryptoGold today!