BTC Forced Below $11’000, Stabilises at $13k-$14k

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22. December 2017 15:38 GMT – In an apparent effort to drive the smaller margin traders out of the market, the “big boys” in another move in their power play have forced yet another decline on the BTC price. It started at about midnight Thursday night GMT and was still continuing at this writing. The objective here for them is to drive the BTC price down as far as possible and buy at that price. Then they will wait for the price to rise again – whether that will be before the end of this year or early next year is open to speculation (ain’t it all??). At that point will they sell for the protfit or hold? Don’t know, maybe some of each. The latest moves started at about 13:15 GMT and took BTC well below $11k for a short time. The volume traded has been strong during this whole period. Maybe that signals an end to this coming soon?

We will see.

23. December 2017 10:40 GMT – Since the previous report above, activity in BTC-USD has almost completely disappeared. As one result, the BTC price has more-or-less stabilised between $13k and $14k. Consequently there is almost nothing to report.