01. January 2018 16:58 GMT +


Now What?

01. January 2018 16:58 GMT – First and foremost,

Happy New Year Everybody!!!

Ok, that’s taken care of. Now we just need to get BTC started off for a strong 2018. Looking at the results so far today, it is definitely not going in that direction. Actually, it doesn’t seem to be going in any direction except sideways with a few wiggles here and there.

I’m not really worried about Bitcoin, but the alt-coin called “Verve” has apparently come to a grinding halt. I didn’t have any and I don’t have any particular knowledge – I’m just going on what I’ve been reading in FB, and that is about 95% not good. One more reason to stick with the leaders in the crypto-currencies. If you are not aware of this, Bitcoin is THE leader here – the first and the strongest in terms of market cap and holders by far. I think ethereum may be number two, but it is far behind Bitcoin and not such a clear situation.

It will be interesting to see where the market goes in January. Right now, the Bitcoin Futures are at about $14’500, which does not suggest any strong movements in the near future, but the futures market – despite its name – tends to be a follower of current prices.

More of the same – again

02. January 2018 02:35 GMT – Well, it has been about 12 hours, and still nothing “unusual” is going on. No major moves up or down, just lots of sideways. Some of the parcels seem to be getting larger, but that’s up AND down, so who knows where we go next?

The one other thing that is significant outside the crypto-currency area is that the USD is continuing to weaken against most of the other world currencies. This is reportedly due to the new tax changes coming into effect today, some companies who have stockpiled some large tax losses will not be able to use them, although their overall taxes will be lower. To date the dollar has lost a little over 2% for the pairs I tend to watch – USD/EUR and USD/CHF. I hope that reverses itself soon and the BTC rate starts in the right direction. Who knows if that will happen? Well, it sure is not me! My crystal ball is full of fog, like it is outdoors here tonight. Here’s hoping for the best, although that is not always the same thing for everybody.

04. January 2018 00:25 GMT – The entire day (3 Jan) remained in about the same situation as before. In the evening of 3. January the amount of traffic was almost nil. In this condition, the exchange rate was between $14’700 and $15’200, which is quite narrow for Bitcoin in the past weeks.

Wrap Up For Now

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P.S. I made some format changes for the New Year – I hope these make it easier to read the content and see what is going on.