05. January 2018 00:58 GMT+


Now What?

05. January 2018 00:58 GMT – Things seemed to be rocking along at about the same level as the last two days until 08:30 GMT yesterday (04. Jan) when a large parcel (1885 BTC) was forced into the market to sell. This dropped the market by about $500. The trading on the market aside from this one big one was riding along at a maximum of about 500 BTC, and this continued throughout the rest of the day. The consequence was that by end of day the market had worked back up to just under $15’000 – about $300 above where the sale was pushed.

What will happen later today and then over the weekend? I have to say that the BTC Futures do not look very strong, but that could be the long-term situation – slow steady gain. That would be a pleasant situation for many folks, I expect.

05. January 2018 12:28 GMT – At about 08:30 – 09:30 GMT this morning, there was a flurry of buying action, and this bumped the BTC price up about $1’000 from $15’000 to $16’000. It stabilised there for at least 3 hours (up to now). Is this the beginning of something interesting? Or just a fluke? Only time and Bitfinex will tell, I guess!

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