The GOLD COINS & How They Will Work

Buy CryptoGold via Krypto-Gold Switzerland and get access to the First Real Gold-Backed Crypto-Currency Coin.

Are you still angry about losing the US Gold Standard for good in 1971?

In 1971, then-President Richard Nixon signed the last piece of paper necessary to remove the US completely from the Gold Standard. Part of the regulation was that private individuals were not allowed for to own gold at all (that was modified in 1974).

bitcoinfortunebuilder-com-gold-is-money-2538120-640-300x200So what’s all the excitement about now? It is simple: CryptoGold is going to use the funds paid in by you to buy crypto-currencies, converted to gold, to hold as a reserve against the “unthinkable.” What does that mean for you? Starting in the near future, if you buy gold-backed crypto-currency from CryptoGold, your payment will be used to buy real gold (bullion or coins or mini-bars, I guess) as the reserve for your account’s crypto-coins. The gold will be held physically by CryptoGold on their own premises securely in Germany in what used to be a bank vault. The gold-backed crypto-coins will be convertible at essentially any time (within reason, surely not at 04:37 New Year’s Day!) back into gold at the amount of gold you deposited. This will set an anchor on the minimum value of your CryptoGold gold-backed crypto-currencies – they will always be worth at least “their weight in gold!”

Here is a statement that is a little more flowery:

Info about the “GoldCoin”

Crypto Gold Coin! STARTING SOON!

It‘s time to combine Crypto with physical Gold.

What makes CryptoGold Coin different? Gold’s Price Security: CryptoGold Coins are a crypto-currency like Bitcoin, with the price security of gold because every coin is 100% gold-backed.

Every Crypto-Gold Coin represents actual physical gold and can be exchanged for the equivalent metal. CryptoGold Coin has all the benefits of a crypto-currency. Combine this with gold and you get a coin that can never be worth less than its gold value.

This alone already answers the question “Why CryptoGold Coins?” ⚜️!!

The First Gold Crypto-Coin! STARTING SOON!

Better Technology Than Bitcoin:

The CryptoGold Coin runs on the ethereum blockchain which gives it numerous advantages over Bitcoin and other blockchains. Not only is it more flexible and much faster, it is theoretically also more secure.

A better way to buy gold!

Peter Klein, 08. January 2018, ed. Craig Hesser

Get even with the US Government – get your gold back – start with CryptoGold in February 2018!

Reference: An Example of How The Gold Coins Will Work

Craig Hesser for
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Original 21. January 2018