26. January 2019 22:30 GMT


System Sellers/Buyers Absent This Week

26. January 2019 22:30 GMT – This week (20-26 Jan 2019) the system buyers and sellers were absent from the BTC market. The result was a relatively stable price level at $3600-$3650, but also with low traffic. There was some excitement in other markets, but BTC was quiet.

The top ten crypto-market caps have been more-or-less stable this week compared to the past month or more. Take a look at the list below to see what’s where today with a 7-day span price change – please note that this reports only what has happened in the past calendar week, not since our last report. There have not been any shifts in the top five, but there are some rearrangements in the lower five. The individual crypto changes are mostly negative with only Litecoin and TRON showing positive results.

BTC Bitcoin -3.7%
XRP Ripple -4.9%
ETH Ethereum -6.7%
BCH Bitcoin Cash -2.7%
EOS EOS -2.0%
USDT Tether -0.7%
LTC Litecoin +1.9%
TRX TRON +17.4%
XLM Stellar Lumens -8.2%
BSV Bitcoin Cash SV -4.4%

Bitcoin’s market cap decreased slightly to 52.4% of the total crypto market cap (see the chart below). The total market is level at $120 Billion and BTC remains at $63 Billion.


Other Financial Movements

The table below shows financial movements in other areas. Compared to our last report, the USD is slightly stronger against the EUR but weaker against the Swiss franc. Brent is down $0.80 in the face of increasing inventories. Gold broke through the $1’300 mark this week, probably the result of increasing financial uncertainties internationally.

Item present since last report date
USD/EUR 1.142 last report 1.138 20.Jan
CHF/USD 0.993 last report 0.995 20.Jan
Brent $61.50/Bbl last report $62.30/Bbl 20.Jan
Gold $1’302 last report $1’283 20.Jan


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